Big Bottle Party 2012 (Hamburg) & VCANTER

Louis C. Jacob Big Bottle Party 2012 2013 VCANTER decanting cradle vintage port

 More than 40 wine growers and more than 450 guests got together on 18 November 2012 in the traditional hotel Louis C. Jacob in Hamburg in order to celebrate big bottles. Some of the best-known bottles were opened, accompanied by exquisite food prepared by excellent cooks, including Thomas Martin (Restaurant Hotel Jacob), who has been awarded two Michelin stars, Matthias Diether (First Floor, Berlin), Nigma Sherpa (East, Hamburg), Johannes King (Sörling Hof, Sylt) Alexandro Pape (Fährhaus, Sylt) and Hans-Stefan Steinheuer (Neuenahr).  Our VCANTER was, of course, part of it all and many big bottles were decanted and poured most elegantly into many a glas. A special highlight was an Imperial Bottle of a wonderful Port (GRAHAM'S Vintage 2007).